Alexes' Anniversary


I got married a few weeks ago, and the strangest thing happened the Friday before my big day. I headed to the barber shop to get my beard cleaned up, as one does.

I got there right on time. "Alex for a 2:30 appointment?" I asked as I entered the shop.

This question seemed to disgruntle the person in the waiting area next to me. "I'm Alex who has a 2:30 appointment" he said as if I was cutting in line.

Apparently, we both were right — we were just scheduled to see different barbers. We exchanged pleasant glances, and carried on with our trims. I soon found myself chatting with my barber, talking about how excited I was for my wedding.

The other Alex perks up. "You're getting married this weekend?"

"Yeah, this Sunday." I respond.

"This Sunday? Of Memorial Day weekend??"

"Yeah, that's right." I'm a bit puzzled.

He chuckles. "I got married on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend one year ago. My name is also Alex!"

"No way! What are the odds?" I think about how there are so may Alexes. I'm not even the only Alex in my wedding party — one of three if you include plus-ones, and one of four Als (we also have an Alec).

"No kidding! So you're getting your hair cut for your wedding?"

"No, just a beard trim, but yes, it's for my wedding."

He laughs aloud. "You're not going to believe this — I'm getting my hair cut for a wedding... also Sunday of Memorial Day weekend!"

By now we each have stupid grins on our faces, though mine was a bit more curious than his. He continues: "Guess what the groom's name is?"


"Yup. It's Alex!"

What are the odds?

I thought a bit about how to solve this during my wedding weekend. I almost tried to formalize and calculate a solution. Instead, I went off to my honeymoon.