15 minutes of boredom a day


A week ago (late 2020), I started a new habit: I now try to find 15 minutes of boredom a day.

These are uninterrupted periods of no stimulation. I have my phone off or in another room. I avoid screens in general. No music plays in the background. I just sit there alone with my thoughts and perceptions – preferably outside.

I find my 15 minutes to be exhilarating. They start out... boring. Soon enough, my mind will wonder and I'll enjoy following its path.

I'll sing the earworm stuck in my head while thinking about the next revision of the hex tile art I'm working on. I'll dig into a joke my wife made about me and reflect on what it means. I'll think of articles I want to write. I'll think about thinking.

Whereas meditation focuses on the absence of thought in favor of presence, 15 minutes of boredom helps me form ideas. I find the ritual to be refreshing even when I bear no new thoughts. I relish the opportunity for peace and emotional reflection.