Goal Setting


In 2016, the year I graduated from college, my partner, Camille, gave me a Passion Planner.

This planner is a journal / ideation system that helps you figure out what you want in life, and then helps you realize it. A guide designed by someone who felt adrift after her own graduation, it was exactly what I needed.

The system works something like this: First, you brainstorm ways how you would like to change your life (or what you'd like to accomplish). Then, you organize your top goals per various time spans (lifetime, 3 years, 1 year, 3 months). Lastly, you break down the goals into a specific plan of action, where you get to hold yourself accountable. This plan of action involves literally scheduling milestones, reminders, and due dates in the rest of the book (it's a planner, after all).

I have to admit, the planner part of "Passion Planner" never stuck for me. I don't really keep track of my time or tasks on paper; I prefer to use digital calendars and reminder systems. However, the model of this book has given me a great sense of structure for my life. It involves making monthly check-ins, to see if your actions are aligning with your goals. In addition, I have a larger check-in at the end of the year, to contemplate annual progress and cast new goals.

The process gives me the opportunity to reflect on the shape of my life. It feels great to accomplish a goal I've set. Better still: it's a real joy to see how your goals change over time.