Pesto, Chango!


My partner's food intuition – her ability to weave haphazard ingredients into a coherent, delicious meal – is nothing short of magic.

Here are a few meals we've made together that I'd like to remember.

farmers market mushroom pasta


behind the recipe

We had just picked up fresh porcini mushroom pasta from the local farmers market. Such a fine ingredient required a worthy recipe to go with it. What we cooked was inspired by Bon Appétit's "Creamy pasta with crispy mushrooms". Instead of oil, Camille chose to cook the mushrooms in butter because "mushrooms and butter belong together."

Before she cooked the alliums, Camille had the idea that this dish would be great with Alison Roman's crispy breadcrumbs from her cauliflower pasta recipe. So, after the mushrooms were crisped, she made that.

We had a few fall vegetables on hand we thought would be good on the side: delicata squash and romanesco (or, as I prefer to call it, "self-similar broccoli"). We decided to roast them while we made the rest of the meal. Little did we know that the veg would combine with the pasta and sauce oh so well.

The cream sauce was simple: cream, alliums, and pasta water. We finished cooking the pasta in the sauce. The rest was a matter of combining the elements -- roasted veggies, pasta with sauce -- finished with fresh-chopped parsley and those cheesy, crispy bread crumbs. We added a glass of rosé, and called it a night.