Think for Someone Else

June 13, 2023

I read an article today that said I should think for myself. If I did that, would I be blindly doing what I've been told? What has thinking for myself gotten me, really? Thoughts are like snowflakes: totally unique, but most are extremely similar.

Maybe, It's not enough in this day and age to think for yourself. You must now think for someone else. Once you've established a pattern of independent thought, then begins the work of preparing it for broadcast. The truest way to believe anything is to try to convince someone else of it.

Man is the creature who does not know what to desire, and he turns to others in order to make up his mind. We desire what others desire because we imitate their desires.

Mimetic Theory

Thinking for someone else introduces momentum within the social recurrence. I desire to think for myself, to desire that of the self-thinkers, and so should you.