Hypertext a la Zettelkasten


Hypertext a la Zettelkasten

Ideally, I don't want my website to be just a blog.

I don't think in terms of sequences of posts. I am not trying to create a newsletter – while this seems fun, the upkeep feels like more of a burden than empowered expression. Why not, instead, aim to express systems of ideas free of time?

I have a lot of ideas, but most of them are small and only make sense in context with other thoughts. While I can often coalesce these scattered thoughts into coherent essays, this takes time and effort I seldom muster.

Every new years day I conceive of a "nice-to-have" resolution to start writing. Visions dance before me of emulating great technical blogs that I spend the year reading. Alas, it never goes this way, due to a sense of perfectionism and habit inertia.

My dear friend eve mentioned the other day that they were getting into this style of hypertext called Zettelkasten. Parsing the (admittedly, lengthy) introduction filled me with excitement – this is the approach that I'm looking for.

My intentions, given this new style of thinking, are as follows:

Well, let's see how this experiment goes.

I'll update this page with entry-points into my Zettlekasten.