How I chose an engagement ring


When I first started looking for a ring, I was looking at how much bang for my buck I could get in diamond sizes... which was totally the wrong way to go about it. Cam wouldn't want a big rock on an ugly ring -- it would get in the way and be a liability! Besides, the ring had to compliment her style and personality.

The trick that worked for me to better figure out what would best suit her was to talk to her friends . I ended up starting a group chat with a few of her closest gals to gather intel. Turns out that they regularly would share what kinds of jewelry / rings that they liked. In any case, they had a much better idea of where to start looking than I did.

For Cam, I knew that I wanted to get an environmentally friendly, conflict-free diamond. I thought I would go towards the lab-grown variety. However, her friends pointed me towards place like Fiat Lux , Anastassia Sel Jewelry, asrai garden, and Sofia Zakia. Not only do these jewelers only source ethical stones, they also fit Camille's style.

Here's a general overview of how ordering a ring went down.